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Hi There! I’m Dr. Bret Alderman.

First, a few bona fides: Not only have I completed an ICF-certified coaching program, I possess a PhD in Psychology and have published in the field.

As a life coach trained in psychology, I draw from a formidable array of insights and techniques from both disciplines. My hybrid approach helps me help others lead more empowered, extraordinary, and purposeful lives.



Whether you want to achieve a career goal, improve your academic performance, overcome writer's block, work through a relationship issue, or take action on a current challenge of just about any kind, a skilled life coach can help you.

Feel stuck, or more than stuck? Feel frustrated, dissatisfied, or that something is missing? Or maybe that's not you.  Maybe you're OK , but you want to be better than just OK. You want to be exceptional. A coach can  help make it happen.

Need to set and achieve short and long-term goals; let go of limiting beliefs; organize and manage your time more effectively; embrace adversity and thrive in it; build confidence; find more meaning in your relationships; or just find a sense of purpose? If any of this applies to you, a coach can help.

New to coaching? Or just want a better sense of how I work? Sign up for a completely free introductory session. This first session includes a brief conversation on what c...
Complimentary Introductory Session
1 h
Free Session
My 5-week Bold Breakthrough Package is a great option for anyone interested in taking their life, creativity, or career to the next level. I’ll help you identify what you...
Bold Breakthrough Package
1 h
My 10-session Sustained Support Package is a great option for both new and returning clients. You determine the pace and timing of our work together, depending on your ne...
Sustained Support Package
1 h
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